Celebrity Ownership Whos in YOUR Portfolio

Are you a fan of baseball cards or action figures? Is the thrill of day trading better than your morning cup of coffee? A similar concept has recently emerged that you will love. Now, you can actually own various celebrities and profit from your entertainment savvy. Finally your desire to read the antics of the most famous people in the world does not have to conflict with the rest of your online activities.

Some website has developed a unique algorithm to determine the market "value" of celebrities at any given time, thus equating celebrities to the stock market, but with obviously more attractive potential. The Concept The premise behind the site is to offer a fun, yet informative way to be involved in the entertainment industry. The game of investments is free, but there are actual prizes distributed monthly for the top performing portfolios.

Gossip columns and forums are excellent sources of speculation and information pertaining to the proffered celebrities, and the forums also offer an opportunity to network and build community among other "cool members." An additional element to the overall concept is the ability to track certain stars and the public's reaction to their publicity stunts - both intentional and not. If a certain actor is wildly popular on Monday and is snapped up for many portfolios, but then suddenly dumped on Wednesday, there is a clear message about whatever the actor was publicized doing on Tuesday. Above all else, however, building a portfolio of the stars you've had your eye on anyway can only be fun, and if you really know what you're doing - possibly even rewarding.

The Algorithm The "value" of each celebrity changes on a frequent basis to reflect the overall popularity of that individual. To calculate the value of the celebrity, Some sites have developed an algorithm to ensure the value is computed ethically and systematically. Routinely, the website "crawls" major search engines such as Google News, Google Blog Search, and Technorati to find the celebrities. The value of each is relevant to the age and prevalence of the information as it compares to the historical average for that individual. The difference between the new value determined by search results and the celebrity's historical value is the change in price. This amount is then spread during the interval between updates.

The price of each celebrity is also dependent on the volume of trades that individual receives. Heavily owned celebrities generate a great deal of hype, which will make their portfolio value increase. This is simply pure celebrity economics.

Owning Celebrities The daily activities of celebrities fascinate and consume us. They make up a significant percentage of the daily news and are among the most popular web searches. Now, there is a single location to not only find and discuss the latest celebrity gossip, but actually find a way to take action as well. Get on the cutting edge of the entertainment industry and snatch up celebrities as they are on the way up to maximize your portfolio value, but be sure to dump any celebrities that are quickly on their way down.

Buy low and sell high, after all.

For additional gossip, news, and the opportunity to buy and sell the most popular celebrities in the world today, visit CelebrityContest.net

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