How to woo her with flowers

For many people, and I must sadly include myself in this, the world of flowers can be a mysterious and daunting one. Of course, we all know that 'nothing says it better than flowers', whether your intentions are romantic, apologetic or celebratory a well chosen bouquet is guaranteed to make a good impression. Let's map out an all too familiar scenario ? maybe it's Valentines Day and perhaps getting a gift for your loved one has somehow slipped your mind, terrible I know but unfortunately all too feasible. We'll often be reduced to hurriedly picking up the last available bunch of whatever's left on the way home. Job done, you may think, but sadly all too often a transparently last minute effort. Put a bit more thought in though and flowers can be a genuinely touching gift.

A bit of basic floral knowledge could go along way. For a romantic gesture you still can't go far wrong with red roses, a classic but still effective tool of seduction. Why not push the boat out a bit though and try something slightly more unusual, staying with roses, go for a more distinctive color ? cream or pink for instance are attractive and less traditional. For something a bit more distinctive you could include some variety ? other complementary flowers like Lilies or Gerbera for instance. It's worth remembering that the colors most associated with romance are red and pink, stick to colors within this range and you can't go too far wrong with any number of flowers - Daisies, Tulips, Gardenias, Carnations, Orchids or Wildflowers. Of course if you happen to know of a flower your partner has a special affection for any degree of added personalization will make for an all the more moving gift.

What about other occasions? Mother's day is an equally appropriate time to think of flowers, there really is no better way to get in mums good books than a well chosen bouquet. You can allow yourself a little flexibility here, although carnations are the traditional mother's day flower a bit of originality shows some thought went into the process. Given the time of the year, take advantage of springs bright, cheerful blooms. Although of course it's the thought that counts and you shouldn't get too hung up on making sure you choose flowers that are appropriate for the occasion, it is useful to have a basic knowledge of what flowers are traditionally associated with. Lilies for instance symbolize beauty, purity and innocence and are good for both weddings and funerals, Irises are a bit of a utility player - said to represent friendship, help and faith, they come in a broad variety of colors and are known for their beautiful aroma ? they're a safe bet for most occasions.

Also highly versatile, Carnations are available in a broad spectrum of colors and could be fittingly used on numerous occasions , particularly weddings or mothers day. And of course Roses we know about, red roses are associated with love, white with innocence, pink with friendship. Don't worry too much about all these symbolic associations though, in the end giving flowers, regardless of how carefully judged your choice is, remains the most reliable way to anyone's heart and it is true, there really is no better way to get yourself out of the dog's house! Copyright (c) 2007 Jay Smith.

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