Learning Guitar For Beginners Lessons

Playing the guitar is no mean feat and the best way to practice what you learn is by using guitar backing tracks. As you move from one stage to another in learning guitar, you will need more than the chord tables and charts - you will need guitar backing tracks. For a novice, the guitar is probably a aesthetic instrument with which you will form a bond that will make it the most significant part of your life as you learn more and more methods of making the guitar scream. The guitar can make any song come to life depending on the kinda grip you have on your playing. Most beginners have only one image on their mind when they start playing, which is of becoming a successful lead guitarist and this can be made possible by a lot of practice using guitar backing tracks. In the initial or beginner phase, there are certain basic things you'll get to acquire while playing guitar.

You will acquire an understanding of the dissimilar types of chords and scales, the major scales and the minor scales, the innovative techniques, the barre chords and to add some fun into the entire practice session. You can start playing them on your own or you can download guitar backing tracks online for some of the easiest songs like hotel California or My guitar gently weeps. The most important thing is that your learning will be more focused when you practice your basics with guitar backing tracks and you will be able to achieve precision, timing and perfection. As a beginner, you will get to learn about the various chordal embellishments, string combinations, power chords, inversions, substitutions and Arpeggios. You will get to learn and play the dominant chords like the A-G major chords, Dominant 7th, and Am to Gm chords.

You can practise them as much as you want but the actual fun comes when you get the chance to play them along with a song like: All along the watchtower by Jimi Hendrix. You will need to play along with the guitar backing tracks for this song so that you will experience "live" jamming to the song. Practice playing it till you are perfect. This ought be your mantra and in no time, you will find yourself performing a live gig in front of 5,000 screaming fans!.

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