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For most single people, finding intimate companionship isn't easy to do. In modern society, the typical adult has very little time left over after going to work and attending to obligations. Add to this that modern societies have become increasingly fragmented, with less and less emphasis on community, and you're now looking at a very difficult time trying to find connection and compatibility should you happen to be single and in the market for a mate. The problem of finding companionship has been commercialized, naturally, with various matchmaking services claiming they're the ones to help find intimacy.

Some of these services are more reputable and have been more successful in bringing people together than others. As the spread of the Internent has increased, online matchmaking sites have rapidly appeared. Regardless of whether the service is online or has an actual brick and mortar presence however, matchmaking services cost money to access. One option to paying for matchmaking services is to access MySpace. MySpace of course is the social networking site with a reputation as a virtual hangout for adolescents.

As one surfs the MySpace site however, it becomes obvious that not everyone on MySpace is a teen. Adults have developed a clear presence on MySpace, carving out their own niche socially and for business. For purposes of networking, each MySpace profile allows a user to describe their current intimate relationship status and what type of connection if any they'd like to make. Before embracing the idea that MySpace is the perfect place to find a soul mate, keep in mind that MySpace isn't specific to making intimate relationships.

Establishing intimacy can and does happen on MySpace, but it's clearly not exclusive to that purpose. Most people on MySpace likely aren't there looking for a mate. Still, MySpace has over one hundred million members. With those types of numbers, even if a minority of members were single and looking for companionship you'd be talking about an enormous potential pool. Including MySpace in any matchmaking effort is a sensible strategy. Again, people have made intimate connections on MySpace, and it's happened more than once.

Using MySpace exclusively for matchmaking may not generate happy results, but MySpace in combination with other matchmaking sites provides wide coverage. It's certainly possible you won't find an ideal partner, but you'll be making a good effort at it.

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