Tips to Safe Online Shopping

Online shopping has become extremely popular. With the click of a mouse you can order anything imaginable and have it delivered right to your door. E-commerce allows customers to shop at thousands of online stores any pay for there purchases without leaving the comfort of there home. However the same things that can go wrong in a real store can go wrong in an online store. Sometimes consumers get cheated. By following some simple online shopping tips you can make your online shopping safe and fun.

The first online shopping tip you should follow is always shop at a secure web site. If you look at the web address you should see an s after the http , it should look like https. This s ensures that the web site is a secure web site.

Secure website's scramble all of your personal information so it cannot be hacked into. Another way to tell if it is a secure website is to look for the padlock at the bottom of the screen, a locked padlock means secure and an unlocked padlock means not secure. Now that you have figured out wether the site is secure or not you should read the website's privacy and security policies. By reading the website's privacy and security policies you can find out who they will be sharing your information with, why they collect the information they do, and what type of information they will request.

Look for seals of approval from Trust E and BBBonline , these two companies set up strict guidelines for privacy and security issues. The two safest forms of payment to use on the internet are third party agencies or a credit card. Third party agencies are agencies set up just for online consumers. Paypal is a third party agency.

Using a credit card is also fairly safe. This ensures that if something goes wrong you are covered by the Fair Credit Billing Act. Do not use debit cards or checks because this leaves your bank account vulnerable and they are not protected like the credit cards are if something goes wrong.

One of the best online shopping tips is to never give out your social security number. A social security number should not be mandatory to place an order with a company. Giving out your social security number leaves you open to identity theft. All a hacker needs is our social security number to steal your identity. Online shopping can be fun and easy if done in the right way.

Never give out more information than you are comfortable with and check out the website before you place an order with them. With a few precautions online shopping can be safe.

Guy Ray is a published web author on various subjects as well as a certified copywriter and webmaster. To learn more about safe online shopping visit his site atonline shopping

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